ELVeS Radial Laser™: With focused light against varicose veins

As experienced phlebologists Dr. Mareike Kensy and Dr. Esther Wißmüller are always up to date with new developments. With ELVeS Radial Laser™ a new option to treat even subjacent veins in a minimally invasive way is at their disposal. “Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor” belongs to the few certificated ELVeS Radial™ centres in Munich that offers this innovative alternative to conventional vein stripping.

The functioning and efficiency of the radial laser

The ELVeS Radial Laser™ works with focused light in an optimised wavelength and only needs little energy. This energy is specifically used to heat and thus close the inner wall of the damaged vein before it is absorbed by the water in the vein wall. The radially (360°) emitting laser light penetrates the tissue only marginally. That means that the skin, the muscles and the fat tissue are not damaged at all. It is for this reason that the method of treatment is extremely gentle.

The procedure of the operation

The outpatient treatment is performed under local anaesthetic or full narcosis. The doctor uses an extremely thin and ultraflexible probe. This laser fibre is inserted into the varicose vein through a tiny puncture in the lower leg and then pushed forward to the groin. During this process the tip of the probe emits the focused light circularly (radially). By slowly pulling back the laser fibre the damaged vein is sealed over the whole length of the leg. Thus the damaging reflux of blood is stopped.

The situation after the operation

After the operation with ELVeS Radial Laser™ patients can pursue their everyday activities at once. Wearing surgical stockings during the first few weeks after the operation is not absolutely required. Sport activities are allowed after just one week. The closed vain will, as a rule, be absorbed by the body within a few months.

Should you suffer from varicose veins – even if they were surgically treated and have come back again – ELVeS Radial Laser™ can be a treatment option for you. Please, ask for our information and advice.

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