Obliteration of blood vessels by means of microfoam

Not only a cosmetic problem

Spider veins are often considered to be optically disturbing. In fact, they are more than that: for these small but enlarged surface veins are often evidence of a beginning venous disease that should be identified and treated at an early stage. Varicose veins do not develop where they are discovered for the first time, but in the deeper vein system. Before treating varicose veins weakness of the stem vein should be excluded. This occurs via ultrasound imaging in our office.

Sclerotherapy (obliteration) by means of fine foam

Spider veins as well as larger vessels that, in most cases, have a twisted course in the leg, can be treated by means of sclerotherapy. With microfoam sclerotherapy polidocanol (Aethoxysklerol®) is used. It is foamed alcohol that is injected into the spider veins through extremely tiny mini-needles. This procedure has – contrary to liquid medicine – a decisive advantage: the blood in the spider veins is optimally pushed out of the way, the reaction with the inner walls of the veins is prolonged and the effect of obliteration is supported. Even small spider veins can be treated permanently in this way.

Aethoxysklerol® is a sclerosant solution that is not only the best known, but also the best researched one. There is no comparable scientific evidence for any other sclerosing agent. Up to now about 500 studies on sclerotherapy with Aethoxysklerol® have been published. The injection system EasyFoam®Kit can produce a viscous and stable sclerosing foam consisting of very small bubbles. The microfoam is even more effective than the liquid sclerosant solution. This is one of the reasons why foam sclerotherapy has gained worldwide acceptance for treating varicose veins.

The use of ultrasound imaging and Veinlite® in sclerotherapy

In case of larger varicose veins foam-sclerotherapy is performed under ultrasound guidance. The sclerosing foam in the vessels is visible via ultrasound so that the agent can be used specifically and dispensed properly. Moreover, deep varicose veins not visible from the outside can be visualized by means of ultrasound and thus being punctured.

So-called Veinlite® provides another possibility of detecting varicose veins. With the help of this special light we are able to visualize those spider veins and their feeding veins that are not recognizable with the naked eye or by palpation. These two supporting procedures enable us to get best possible treatment results.

Are there any side-effects?

In few cases discoloration of the skin (pigmentation) over the treated vein may occur. They will fade away and finally disappear. In addition, superficial inflammations across the vein site (phlebitis) or local reactions (such as necrosis) may occur in rare cases. They are, however, usually well treatable and heal up quickly. Allergic reactions to the solution are extremely rare.

May pregnant and breastfeeding women use this remedy?

There is insignificant experience concerning the use of Aethoxyskrerol® in pregnant women. Studies on possible transfer of the agent into the breast milk are not available.

Does the treatment cause any pain?

Apart from the injection given through a tiny needle and perhaps a slight burning feeling during the procedure, the treatment does not cause any other discomfort. Directly after the treatment you can be active as usual. Compression stockings are not required, sport is possible. Depending on the findings more than one session may be possible, because the volume of the foam injected per session is limited.


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