Herpotherm®: With heat against herpes (cold sores)

Herpes is a disease that afflicts a great many of people again and again. The reason is that herpes is caused by viruses that accumulate in the nerve cells. When the immune system is under stress or when the skin is strained outbreaks of herpes can occur again and again. Antiviral drugs can indeed prevent the multiplying of viruses and shorten the duration of the symptoms of the disease. The episode, however, is stopped best when the affected areas are treated with local concentrated heat immediately.

Help by pressing the button

Burning, itching and swelling are, in most cases, the first indications of an outbreak of herpes. As soon as you feel them Herpotherm®, a medical device for the treatment of cold sores must be used. First the protective cap must be removed, then the ceramic contact patch must be placed on the affected area. When you press the button briefly the contact patch is heated up to 51°C (124° F). As a rule, the relief of the symptoms is felt immediately. If not, a repetition of the treatment is possible after a break of at least ten seconds.

Effects of Herpotherm®

The relief of herpes symptoms is not the only effect the Herpotherm® device can bring about. Moreover, the short heating period causes numerous physiological processes which result in a reduction or in an almost complete stop of the inflammation of the areas in question. But it is important that the device is used as soon as the first symptoms of a herpes infection can be felt developing. For this reason the Herpotherm® device was designed in a handy size so that it can comfortably be taken everywhere.

Advantages of Herpotherm®

Herpotherm® is not a drug treatment but a purely physical therapy. That means the device is, if necessary, also suitable for children, pregnant women and those suffering from allergies. The handling is very easy, and there is an almost immediate effect without damaging the skin in any way. Repetitions of the treatment are possible without any problems, provided that the recommended waiting time is observed.

If you suffer from herpes / cold sores and are affected again and again, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will explain the application of Herpotherm® and its advantages.

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