Mesohair: Help in case of hair loss

A lot of men already suffer from hair loss or sparse hair early in life. But also women are often affected by alopecia. This is particularly the case when, after childbirth or later in the climacteric period, the hormones change. Medical cosmetics can, by means of an innovative method, help you to regain a fine head of hair. For this purpose they make use of the mesotherapy: an exclusive cocktail of active ingredients is injected into the scalp with the help of microinjections.

Detection of hair problems

Up to 100 hairs a day is normal, that is the rule of thumb. Everything that goes beyond this indicates hair loss. The cause of this can be, for instance, genetic disposition, acute disease or hormonal change. The latter, in particular, is responsible for the fact that women aged between 50 an 70 years lose about 20 percent of their hair volume and hair thickness. If hair is lost the roots will also die off in the course of time.

Treatment with Mesohair

The mesotherapy helps slow down the process and stimulate growth. According to hair and skin conditions the medical cosmetician compiles bio revitalizers such as biotin, dexpanthenol, coenzyme Q11 or thyme extract. With fine needles this cocktail is injected into the scalp . From there it spreads, stimulates the circulation of blood and supplies the hair follicles with the vital substances they need.

Number of sessions

First of all six mesohair treatments are performed at weekly intervals. Then a monthly maintenance therapy may follow, if needed. Already after three meetings hair loss, as a rule, begins to decrease. In 80 percent of all cases the hair grows again more extensively after two to three months. Recent studies have proved this. Even in few cases of spot baldness good results will mostly be achieved. However, the prospects of success will be poorer if the bald head has already existed for years.

The sooner you contact us with your hair problems the better it is. In this way you have the chance to regenerate your hair roots as long as it is still possible.

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