Micro-needling: Impulses for a smooth and firm skin

To treat sagging skin, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, cellulite or hair loss Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor uses so-called dermarollers or micro perforators. They are especially efficient medical devices which are not comparable to those sold over the counter. Their exactly arranged fine needles penetrate into the skin and stimulate it in order to generate collagen and hyaluronan. The result is a visibly smooth, juvenile and tense skin.


Contrary to the cylindrical dermaroller the stylus-shaped micro-perforator is driven by electricity so that it can work particularly steady. The results of the two devices, however, are the same. Their fine needles cause micro-injuries in the skin that heal very fast. This process stimulates the circulation of the blood, irritates the cells and supports the natural regeneration of the skin. In the case of scars, for instance, the resulting funnel-shaped indentations fill with fibrocite, and through the regeneration of the blood vessels the skin becomes pink again.


Before the micro -needling process the affected area is first creamed with an anaesthetic ointment. Then the skin is disinfected. Cool air guarantees that there is hardly any pain during the treatment. After that a further soothing cream is applied to the skin. As a result skin redness and possible swellings soon ease.

Visible successes

Depending on the skin conditions about five sessions at an interval of four weeks are necessary in most cases in order to achieve an optimal result. As a rule, positive effects already show after the first treatment and increase in the subsequent weeks.The structure of the skin improves, wrinkles and scars disappear and the complexion is fresh and youthful. To avoid increased pigment formation sun and solarium should absolutely be avoided shortly after the operation. Moreover, a sun protection factor of 30 or more is advisable.

Aesthetic dermatology knows a lot of efficient methods of skin rejuvenation and problem solving, Let us advise you what is most suitable in your situation.

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