Plasmage®: Evaporating instead of operating

The sun, the stars, northern lights or flashes of lightning are plasmas such as they exist in nature. Fluorescent tubes or energy-saving bulbs are based on this ingenious model. In medicine, however, this state of aggregation is predominantly used to disinfect objects and wounds. The innovative method of Plasmage® was especially developed to be used in dermatology: redundant skin – as an alternative to surgery – is gently evaporated.

Plasmage® in dermatology

When surrounding air is ionized plasma develops. This is what aesthetic dermatology benefits from. No scalpel is needed to smooth eyelids and to reduce wrinkles, to treat marks or unattractive scars. At the same time Plasmage® offers new and very gentle options to remove benign skin alterations such as haemangioma, angioma, fibroma or protruding moles, dermal nevi and Xantelasma.

Duration and course of treatment

Plasmage® is an outpatient form of therapy in order to treat drooping eyelids as well as, for instance, wrinkles on the upper lip or benign skin alterations. Before the operation begins an anaesthetic cream is applied, and during the procedure the skin is cooled so that there is hardly any pain. Depending on the findings, further treatments can be necessary after four weeks in order to achieve the desired results.

Advantages of Plasmage®

The gentle method has hardly any side effects. After the surgery the patients can drive home in their own cars without any problems, and they will be socially accepted again within a few days. Crusts and swellings that appear especially on the eyelids will heal already after three or four days. During this time, however, reliable sun protection is absolutely necessary.

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