Laser-assisted surgical eyelid lifting

If people say that you look far behind, tired or sad, or if a beautiful make-up is no longer possible, then this might have something to do with sagging upper eyelids due to old age, the so-called “drooping eyelids”. The moving part of the lid can hardly be seen because it is hidden by excess and drooping parts of the skin.

When performing laser-assisted surgical eyelid lifting (plastic surgery on the eyelid) the skin profusion around the eyes and also fat prolepsis are carefully removed. We use laser technology instead of a scalpel. Thus we get very natural results that last longer than those brought about with other methods. The fine scar that remains after the operation disappears into the eyelid grease and is almost invisible.

The procedure is possible with local anaesthesia. If desired the operation can also be carried out under general anaesthesia. The removal of the operation threads takes place on the seventh day after the operation. As a rule, bruises and swellings ease after 10 to 14 days.

Eyelid lifting can also be combined with further operations such as skin rejuvenation by means of laser therapy or with other aesthetic procedures such as hyaluronic acid and/or botox injections. Eyelid lifting brings back an open, fresh and alert look.