Laser Medicine

New laser technology is a tremendous enrichment to dermatology. It has become an integral part in everyday working life in a dermatology practice. It increases the range of treatment of a lot of skin illnesses, and we have successfully applied it for many years. Today there are hardly any side effects so that therapies are, to a large extent, free of risk. As certified doctors we, if necessary, use four different modern laser systems.

Age warts, wrinkles and scars

The CO2 Fraxel Laser EXELO® is a universal device with the help of which we can remove benign skin alterations such as age warts. At the same time it is also used for skin smoothing in the case of acne scars or for the change of pigmentation (cloasma). In aesthetics it serves for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

Pigmentation spots and tattoos

Ruby laser CINON® is used to remove benign pigmentation spots and tattoos without leaving any scars. This method is particularly kind to the skin so that unwanted pigments can be precisely eliminated without affecting the surrounding areas. Skin cooling contributes to the patient’s convenience.

Hair removal, nail mycosis and warts

The Soprano Ice® is a particularly fast diode laser with the help of which we can remove unwanted hairs. The extraordinary big spot allows quick, homogenous treatment and high penetration depth for all skin types. For areas that are difficult to access an additional smaller spot is at our disposal.

Bloody sponges, vessels and xanthelasma

In our practice unwanted vascular dilatations such as small veins, bloody sponges and xantolasma (fat deposits on the eye) can be removed quickly and almost painlessly. To achieve this we use the KTP Laser IDAS®.