Pediatric Dermatology

Children’s skin differs from adult’s. If it becomes diseased, not only special competence but also fine feeling is required. As mothers Dr. Kensy and Dr. Wißmüller know how important a relaxed and quiet atmosphere is. Rely on our long-term experience and use our competence also if you have any questions concerning skin care. We develop suitable concepts and therapies – for babies, for small children and for young adults.

Neurodermatitis and Eczema

There are various causes of neurodermatitis and eczema. The strong related itching is extremely painful, especially for young patients. Often we achieve good therapeutic success only by proper care and by targeted training of parents. Moreover, there are cortisone-free crèmes and ointments for soft but effective treatment.

Control of Moles / Liver Spots

Fortunately skin cancer in early years is very rare. But there are exceptions to the rule which must be treated as soon as possible. Also with children pigmented moles can be controlled and documented with the help of computerized dermatoscopy. Please, use this opportunity, as in most cases operations can be avoided.


Not only for children but also for parents warts can be a burden. So-called swimming-pool warts can, in most cases quickly and simply, be removed with the help of an anaesthetic ointment. Classic hand and foot warts (plantar warts) can effectively be treated with laser.