Spider Veins (Sclerotization)

Not just a Cosmetic Problem

Most people consider spider veins to be optically offensive. In fact, they are more than that: Because small dilated skin veins often are an indication of beginning venous disorders which should be recognized and treated at an early stage. Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor offers different methods we would like to present here.

Sclerotherapy with Micro-Foam

Foam sclerotherapy uses Polidocanol (Aethoxysklerol). It is foamed alcohol that is injected into the spider veins with very fine needles. Contrary to liquid medication it has decisive advantages: The blood in the varicose veins is optimally removed, the impact on the inner walls of the veins is extended, and the effect of sclerosis is increased. Thus even small spider veins can be treated well and, above all, permanently. Compression stockings are not necessary afterwards, and sport can be done almost immediately.

Laser Therapy of Spider Veins

This method is very well suited for the treatment of small spider veins. Laser light is directed to the affected area and absorbed by red blood cells. They begin to swell, thus closing the vessel. Unfortunately, laser therapy is painful. Cool-air treatment mitigates the pain.