Varicose Veins

Causes of Varicose Veins

Veins have an important function: they transport the blood from the legs back to the heart against gravity. Due to genetic weakness, the veins can no longer fulfil their task. The blood flow reverses, and the blood begins to flow down to the leg. First of all, the superficial venous system is affected which runs in the fat tissue under the skin. Here are no so called muscles pumps as they are in the deep venous system.

From Varicose Veins to Thrombosis

The backflow of blood leads to the fact that the veins contain more blood than normal. The pressure on the veins increases, they are over-expanded which can first of all cause varicose veins, later on chronic venous insufficiency with oedema (swellings) and finally thromboses or ulcerated legs (Ulcus cruris). Therefore, it is very important to recognize and treat venous disorders in time.

Gentle Treatment with Venefit® or Vein Laser ELVeS RadialTM

The radiotherapy with Venefit® (VNUS Closure Fast®) and the endovenous laser therapy (Vein Laser) are innovative methods of treatment, in which the varicose veins are not stripped but closed from the inside. These outpatient operations are performed under local anaesthetic. The Venefit® catheter is inserted into the varicose vein through a small cut. Then the tip, under ultrasonic guidance, is heated with high frequency current (radio waves). The Vein Laser generates the target temperature at the top of the laser fibre very precisely and under strict control. Thus – by means of both methods – the veins are closed within a few minutes and will completely be absorbed by the body. We apply the Vein Laser to late stages of varicose veins displaying large vein diameters.

Advantages over Vein Stripping

Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor belongs to the few practices in Munich that are certified to apply Venefit® treatment. Contrary to conventional vein stripping Venefit® and Vein Laser Treatment are minimally invasive operations after which you are able to walk and work immediately. You have to wear plaster and pressure bandage for one day only. Surgical stockings are not necessary. That is the reason why this treatment is also possible during the summer months without any problems.