Linh Bui Trieu

Qualified medical employee and surgery assistant

After her training and a one year’s professional practice in a dermatological practice in Bremen Linh Bui Trieu joined us as a qualified medical employee in October 2018. Among other things she is responsible for patient care and assists during operations and laser treatments

Vanessa Caspari

Qualified medical employee and cosmetician

Vanessa Caspari completed her training to become a qualified medical employee in a dermatological practice where she stayed for another year in order to increase her knowledge. In addition, she completed Munich Cosmetics School and gained a lot of experience. Since 2018 she has been enriching our team as a qualified medical employee and as a cosmetician.

Franziska Leopold

Medical and OR Assistant

Franziska Leopold completed her apprenticeship in an ENT practice. When life took her to dermatology, she specialized in several fields such as surgery assistance, allergology, phlebology and laser treatments. She has been supporting our team since April 2015 and is taking charge of our quality and hygiene management system.

Manuela Lerchner

Medical and OR Assistant

Manuela Lerchner is a qualified medical assistant since 2011 and gained a lot of experience in dermatology, allergology and phlebology, as a surgery assistant for Venefit® and in the use of laser hair removal. As a trained sterilization assistant, she has been overseeing our hygiene management since the time the practice was founded.

Marina Reiser

Medical and OR Assistant

Marina Reiser spent her Social Year at a maternity hospital and also gathered practical experience in dentistry. Her aim, however, has always been the field of dermatology. At our practice she was trained to become a qualified medical assistant. Now she supports us as a surgical assistant for phlebological and laser treatments.

Nicole Schöner

Medical and OR Assistant

Qualified medical employee and surgery assistant Nicole Schöner completed her training to become a qualified medical assistant in an ear, nose and throat practice in Munich where she also collected some work experience for another year. She regularly developed her specialized by attending emergency seminars and training courses in quality management and hygiene. Dermatology meant a new challenge for her. She has been a strong support to our team since April 2018.

Norhan Wally

Medical and OR Assistant

Mrs Norhan Wally has been working as a qualified medical assistant since 2010. She completed her training in a medical practice. After her training Mrs. Wally improved her knowledge in internal medicine and in the fields of neurology and sleep medicine. Since 2017 she has been a member in our team and contributes her knowledge to patient care as well as to administration.

Daniela Münzer


Having successfully completed Munich Cosmetics School Daniela Münzer worked in various perfumeries and in the field service. Both, in Germany and abroad, she worked in spa resorts before she, since 2013, has been committing herself to cosmetics. Since 2018 she has been supporting our team.

Vanessa Schneeberger


Mrs. Schneeberger completed her training at Munich Cosmetics School more than 20 years ago. After that she worked at a Day Spa. She also worked at the beauty salon of a well-known perfumery for a lot of years. In addition, Mrs. Schneeberger worked independently in the wellness area for 10 years. We are glad that we could gain her for our team in September 2018.