Varicose veins: A widespread illness and its cause

According to epidemiological studies more than 80 per cent of the adults suffer from small varicose veins, so-called spider veins. Up to 30 per cent suffer from large varicose veins, also called stem varicose veins. The first instances can already appear at the age of 20, with the frequency of illness increasing with advancing age. Above all the superficial venous system is affected which runs in the fat tissue under the skin. There are no such muscles as they surround the deep venous system as so-called muscle pump.

Not only genetic

The causes of vein complaints are manifold. Primarily, however, they base both on the weakness of the connective tissue and the vascular wall of the veins, which is an inherited condition. The predisposition towards varicose veins is basically one due to the genes. Thrombosis as a cause is only of secondary importance. Lack of exercise, being overweight or when you have to stand or sit during your job additionally enfavour venous illnesses. At the same time the number of venous valves is reduced to about 20 per cent of the original stock by the age of 70. This loss is responsible for the fact that the function of the veins gradually decreases.

More women than men

According to statistics, women at the age of 30 to 50 years are up to three times more likely to suffer from varicose veins than men. That can, above all, be put down to pregnancies. Under the influence of hormones muscles and connective tissues loosen up to prepare the body for birth. Often also a weakness of the tissues in the veins develops. In addition, the enlarging uterus and the growing weight of the child make the backflow of the blood from the legs more difficult. All in all, the tendency grows that the vein walls give in with each pregnancy.

Action delivers recovery

Those who suffer from varicose veins do not have to hide their legs any longer. The days when vein illnesses could only be treated in the winter and with great difficulties have passed. Today there are minimally invasive therapies such as micro-foam sclerotherapy or endovenous thermal ablation using radiofrequency that even in hot summer months quickly and gently lead to the desired results.

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