Venefit® (VNUS ClosureFast®): The most modern treatment

In Germany conventional stripping is still the most common treatment. Nevertheless, minimally invasive methods are used more and more. Among the radiofrequency therapy Venefit® (VNUS ClosureFast®) is the furthest developed and is recommended by “Deutsche Fachgesellschaften” (relevant professional German medical associations). In Germany about 20.000 surgical treatments are performed per year, with a rising tendency.

Growing acceptance

Thanks to outstanding clinical results this modern method is usually refunded by private health insurances that have recognized the superiority of this method to conventional strippings. That’s why they accept the cost of this outpatient operation in ever-growing numbers.

The procedure of operation

Under local anaesthetic, through a small cut in the lower leg, a modern medical instrument is inserted into the target vessel: the VNUS ClosureFast® catheter. Its top will, under ultrasound guidance, be pushed from the lower leg to the groin. A safety distance to where the superficial vein joins the deep vein is kept. After that an anaesthetic is injected into the varicose vein. Now the 7cm (2.76 inches) long metallic instrument will be heated at the top of the Closure Fast catheter up to 120 degrees with the help of high frequency current, i.e. radio waves.

The catheter then will be pulled towards the foot in sections while energy is delivered. Thus the vein is closed within a few minutes and will finally be absorbed by the body. It goes without saying that the operation is also possible under full anaesthetic when profound medical evidence, the treatment of both legs or fear of injections make it necessary.

Convincing advantages

After the operation the leg is treated with plasters and pressure bandages. The patient is able to walk immediately, take a shower or do sport and can work as usual. As no surgical stockings are necessary the treatment can be carried out during the warm season of the year without any problems. Contrary to stripping the risk of infections or bleeding is low. Moreover, pain caused by bruising is rare.

Only by experienced doctors

Radiofrequency therapy is an especially gently way of treating varicose veins effectively. However, it requires a high degree of experience with catheter technique and Duplex sonography. For VNUS ClosureFast® the catheter must be placed very precisely so that no thromboses in the deep vein develop. For this reason in Germany there are only a few certificated VNUS ClosureFast® centres. “Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor” is one of them and has already performed more than 2.000 radiofrequency treatments with great success.

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