Venous disorders: Possibilities of prevention

As mentioned in the paragraph “Varicose veins – a widespread illness and its causes” the predisposition towards venous disorders is mainly genetically determined. Nevertheless, there are methods to prevent spider veins and varicose veins by suitable clothing and shoes, balanced nutrition and sufficient sport.

Sport and exercise

Exercising leg muscles has a positive effect on the peripheral pumps and improves the flow of blood. You should walk as fast as possible preferably on forest paths. Jogging on soft ground is also recommended. Sports such as swimming and cycling are particularly good, because the impact of the body weight is reduced.

Shoes and clothing

High heels practically stop the peripheral veins from functioning. As a consequence feet and legs swell up. Better are shoes with low heels, especially casual shoes. Restricting clothing should also be avoided. Compression stockings also give you noticeable relief during the day.

Food and medicine

A high fibre diet helps digestion and is also good for venous disorders. Chronic constipation has a negative effect on the flow of blood in the pelvic veins. Moreover, there are natural remedies which have been proved as helpful in studies. Among the herbal medicines (the so-called phytopharmacenticals) there are the seeds of horse chestnut, the butcher´s broom and the white clover. In most cases, however, the costs are not refunded.

Travelling and sunbathing

If you suffer from blood flow disorders the tendency for swelling is greater than usual. Especially on long coach tours or flights there is a risk of thrombosis. To avoid it you should drink as much as possible, move and possibly wear compression stockings. When you are on holiday at the seaside it is advisable to cool your legs in the sea regularly. The sun itself does not cause any harm, but intensive heat does.

Further prevention measures

It is also good to raise your legs for about 20 minutes, preferably at midday. Kneipp showers also have a positive effect. They stimulate the vessels to contract and thus reduce venous capacity. To give the legs an additional cold shower in the evening is great.


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