Warts: Incantation alone does not help

All kinds of superstition are associated with warts. You should talk to them or let a snail creep across them at full noon to get rid of them. From the medical point of view the sudden appearance and disappearance can rather be explain like this: Benign skin tumours are triggered by a form of the human papilloma Virus (HPV). And the human body is, like in all other cases, especially predisposed to viruses when it is weakened. When the immune system is fit again it can often defend itself on its own – or else with medical help.

Ways of infection

Today more than 80 different HPV-types are known in medicine. They can trigger very specific types of warts. For one thing they can penetrate the epithelial cells of the skin by the direct contact with a wart. Some other time an infection can occur when you, for instance, touch a door handle or walk barefoot in a swimming pool. Especially in wet rooms the risk of an infection is great. For a softened or damaged skin is highly susceptible to penetrating viruses.

Different kinds

After weeks or months a skin growth shows itself in the infected area. It can be a normal verruca vulgaris. In most cases they appear in childhood as lofty, scaly nodes on hands and feet. Flat warts (verrucae planae) are small, reddish papules in the face or on the back of the hand. In addition, there are a great many of harmless warts that often disappear on their own, such as sting, brush or thread warts. More uncomfortable are deeply rampant and painful plantar warts on the foot soles. Sexually transmitted genital warts are in urgent need of treatment as they can degenerate into malignant tumours.

Individual treatment

Contrary to genital and plantar warts other types of warts need not necessarily be treated. Unless they occur frequently or are regarded as cosmetically unattractive. The spectrum of therapy includes freezing with liquid nitrogen, electrical sloughing and regular removal by curettage as well as laser, photodynamic and surgical therapies. Also local therapies in the form of ointments, plasters with salicylic, lactic or acetic acid have proved to be effective.

If you notice that you and your children have warts, please, contact us. In our practice we can determine the type exactly and treat it specifically.

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